Tonopah Residents United, Inc., A Non-Profit Corporation******HOT TOPICS******Copper Leaf has resubmitted their DMP to Maricopa County review files and Community Organization comments on Area Growth page******Local Residents form organization (Residents for the Incorporation of Tonopah Alliance - RITA) and file application for Municipal Incorporation Petition - Review documents and boundary map on TRU News Bulletin page******Buckeye Ranch Final Plat Application with Maricopa County - review reports on TRU Area Growth page, County P & D requests comments ASAP******Balterra (Project Z2005013) Development Master Plan DMP review files on Tru Area Growth page******JMA Engineering 339th & I-10 Comprehensive Plan Amendment filed - review TRU, Maricopa County and other local organizations comments on TRU Area Growth page******Saddle Mountain Foothills 411th & Thomas Comprehensive Plan Amendment (resubmittal DOWNLAOD IN PROGRESS) 2nd TAC meeting January 17, 2006 at 9am, Maricopa County P&D*****VIEW Incorporation vs No Incorporation and ANNEXATION GUIDELINES on TRU News Bulletin Page******

Tonopah Residents United, Inc.
Non Profit Corporation

Mission Statement

Tonopah Residents United (TRU) was formed to be a voice for the residents of Tonopah on Community concerns. For these concerns we promote long range planning to guide public and private developments, a proactive line of communication and working relationship with local Law Enforcement Agencies, Planning and Development Agencies and Environmental Agencies. We accomplish this through Community input, extensive plan reviews, research and discussions to ensure compliance with Community values and the prevailing Governmental Agencies. We will endeavor to foster mutual respect, trust and empowerment.

Development policy Committee Purpose

The TRU Development Policy Committee was formed to provide guidance and direction to current and prospective developers and/or builders on issues, which relate to the Tonopah area and to ensure quality development in the area. The Development Policy Committee may recommend, approve, conditionally approve, or denial of approval of project within its area.
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Maricopa County Vision Statement

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Tonopah & Arlington History Reports &
Tonopah Residents Photography

Tonopah Area History - Reported By Jodey Lynne Elsner
Arlington Area History - Reported By Chris Larson

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Resourceful Contacts

Federal Government
Arizona State Government
Maricopa County
Maricopa County Sheriff
Tonopah and West Valley Area
Maricopa Community Colleges/Skill Centers
Arizona State University
Desert and Wildlife Preservation
Local News Publications
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Tonopah & West Valley Schools

Arlington Elementary School - Aims Test Scores - Website
Avondale Elementary School District - Aims Test Scores - Website
Buckeye Elementary School - Aims Test Scores - Website
Liberty Elementary School - Aims Test Scores - Website
Litchfield Elementary District - Aims Test Scores - Website
Palo Verde Elementary School - Aims Test Scores - Family/Edu. Website
Ruth Fisher Elementary School (SMUSD) - Aims Test Scores - Website

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