Development & Transportation

These files contain the Development Master Plan (DMP) Guidelines set forth by Maricopa County for the Developers. The Tonopah/Arlington 2020 Plan files contain future growth information specific to Tonopah & Arlington as projected by Maricopa County.

MCDOT files show future roadway upgrades, improvement, and expansion plans as designed by Maricopa County.

Development Master Plan Guidelines

DMP Guidelines

Water Resources

Zoning Ordinances

Environmental Effects

Developer Public Participation Plan

Affordable Housing

DMP Amendment Guidelines

Development Costs

Growth Areas

Planning & Zoning Meeting

Open Spaces

Addressing Guidelines

Maricopa Waste Water Management Division
Dust Control Information

Tonopah/Arlington 2020 Plan

Cover Page

Residential Issues

Table of Contents

Plan Elements

Executive Summary

Action Plan



Plan Introduction


Inventory Analysis

Maricopa Planning Maps

Maricopa COunty Department of Transportation (MCDOT)

MAG Transportation Improvement Program

MCDOT Improvement Districts

MAG CanaMex contact

MCDOT Improvement District Costs

Maricopa planning & development - one stop shop documents

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Administrative Amendment

Manufactured Housing

Ag Exemption

Mining Exemption


Plan of Developement

Conditional Use


Earth Moving

Special Use



Group Home

Temporary Use

Home Occupancy


Legal Nonconforming

Zone Change



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